How to configure Google OAuth 2.0 SSO

Configure Google OAuth 2.0 SSO

In this quick tutorial, we will show how to configure Google Oauth 2.0 Authentication to get secure SSO access to your desktops and applications with Thinfinity Remote Workspace 6.0.

How to set up Google Oauth2.0 Authentication

Go to and create a new project.

Change the name of the project and go to the Credentials tab. Click on “Create credentials” and then click on the OAuth option.

You will then need to add the product description.

Go back to the Credentials tab and open the newly created OAuth 2.0 client IDs:


Configure Google OAuth 2.0 SSO, step 01

Type in the URL or external IP of the Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server.

And on the “Authorized redirect URLs”, the same URL or external IP plus “/google”, as shown below.


Configure Google OAuth 2.0 SSO, step 02


Save it and open the Thinfinity Remote Workspace manager.

Go to the Authentication tab, click on “Add” and then “Google”

Add the “Client ID” and “Client Secret” given by Google (you can check those in the Credentials tab on the page shown above).


Configure Google OAuth 2.0 SSO, step 03


Click OK and you should see it added to the list of allowed authentication methods in the Thinfinity Configuration Manager:


Configure Google OAuth 2.0 SSO, step 04


Make sure to check the checkbox to the left of the Authentication method.


Configure Google OAuth 2.0 SSO, step 05


Then, click on the “Mappings” tab.

In here, we have to map the Gmail accounts to the AD users:


Configure Google OAuth 2.0 SSO, step 06


Hit apply and then navigate to the Thinfinity Remote Workspace landing page, and you should be able to see the following option:


Configure Google OAuth 2.0 SSO, step 07


Clicking on the “Login with Google” icon will take you to the Gmail authentication webpage.

Log in with the designated email = user, and you are good to go.

Quick Tip: Learn how to configure Duo 2FA.


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