Cybele Software Privacy Policy Review – May 2018

Cybele Software Privacy Policy Review - May 2018

The European Union has introduced new General Data Protection Regulation laws, often mentioned as ‘GDPR’.
These new laws effective May 25th 2018 compelled many companies to update their privacy policies, as you may have noticed after getting different emails about this from every single service you are subscribed to.
What should you expect after GDPR when using Cybele Software services?
Essentially there will be no changes to our terms. We do not sell, rent or disclose any personal information from our users, customers or casual website visitors. We never did, we will never do it. So there’s no need for us to change any of our procedures to comply with the new EU laws.
However, we decided to update the terms to clarify a little bit more the methods we use to collect this information and the use we give to the data we collect. We still want to maintain our Privacy Policy terms readable by any user so we kept the text as simple as possible.
We are software manufacturers. We’re no law experts, just like most of our users. We all at Cybele Software prefer terms we can read and understand at once and we think you share this point of view. Don’t you?
Please visit the Cybele Software updated Privacy Policy here, since by using our service an/or browsing our website you must agree with these terms.
If you have any questions Contact us at [email protected]
We will be ready to answer your inquiries.
Thanks for your attention,
The Cybele Software Team

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