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Delphi apps to Web

Dear Delphi Developers, as you know, we recently had join together with Embarcadero’s team to prepare a webinar and then host a Q&A session about Thinfinity VirtualUI. Delphi Webinar
The video presenters for this Delphi webinar were Leonardo Laurencio, Gustavo Ricardi, and Paul Vukotich, from Cybele Software, and the participants were very active during the questions and answers session.
During the Webinar, we discussed the advantages of having Windows-based apps integrated with the Thinfinity VirtualUI’s technology to get them running on any web browser almost instantly.
Most of the assistants were, of course, Delphi users. But VirtualUI is a solution for many other programming languages and we have demos and tutorials for the most popular. You will find the VirtualUI tutorials here.
The video record has been uploaded to YouTube. So if you missed the Webinar, or if you want to view it again or share it with your colleagues, you can find it here.
Contact us if you have any questions not covered during the webinar or need any help.

Reasons to adopt VirtualUI

While rewriting your entire software as a web-based APP may take many developing resources, along with infinite testing hours and a lot of QA work, Thinfinity VirtualUI just requires a piece of code to be added to the original source.
The rest of the integration, when needed, will be handled outside your source. Thus, the original app remains untouched and you can compile it and run it as a Windows-based app without noticing any change in its appearance or performance.
The wonder starts when you configure the VirtualUI Server and type in the URL assigned to your app: there you will see it embedded within the web browser frame.
Want to have your app available from any device? Then you must try VirtualUI.
You can download and start a free 30-day trial, or you can just request a live online demo so we can present you with the advantages of our solution.
Should you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].

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