How to share an RDP session with Thinfinity Remote Desktop

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You can use Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server to follow up the progress of your students by sharing their RDP session
Lots of our clients have training applications and use Thinfinity Remote Desktop to provide remote access to the Virtual classrooms.
Some time ago we wrote a couple of tips on how to share your RDP session with another user by taking advantage of the “Share session” feature of Thinfinity Remote Desktop.
The Share Session URL feature can help you build an interactive classroom so you can check on your student progress or you can simply monitor user’s sessions.
In this second article, we’ll teach you how to programmatically retrieve a Shared Session URL using JavaScript (currently available only for One Time URL sessions).
Using this feature you’ll be able to take control of the shared RDP session of a student or simply shadow sessions to follow up the progress.
In order for the Shared Session URL to work you need to download a new ssurl.js JavaScript file. You can download it here.
(Inside this zip file you’ll also find the code example detailed below).
share an RDP sessionClick to enlarge
Now let’s get started:
First, you need to get the Gateway Access Key, like this:

    function getGAK() {
        getGatewayAccessKey(null, oturl.key, oturl.pass,
            function(gak) {
                oturl.gak = gak;
                document.getElementById('gak').value = gak;
            function(msg) {
Secondly, you can create the Sharing Session URL, like this:
    function createSSUrl() {
            function (url) {
                var surl = location.protocol + '//' +;
                document.getElementById('ssn').href = surl + url;
                document.getElementById('ssn').innerText = document.getElementById('ssn').href;
            function (msg) {

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