Legacy Modernization for Mainframe with HostSurfer

Modernize Legacy Systems with HostSurfer and z/Scope Anywhere

How to navigate our HostSurfer Demo powered by z/Scope Anywhere

As you probably already know, HostSurfer is our Legacy Modernization for Mainframe solution included in z/Scope Anywhere, our web based terminal emulation client.

By just using Simple JavaScript code you can modernize the entire green screens of your host application, ad widgets, Visual Navigation macros, and way more.

Just to show you some of the possibilities that HostSurfer can offer you, we’ve published some of the screens you can interact with.

First, you would enter the z/Scope Anywhere Demo landing page where you’ll be able to choose our Host Surfer demo named “BlueCard” like so:

How to navigate our Host Surfer demo Powered by z/Scope Anywhere

Here, you can see an embedded HTML login screen in front of the terminal server. You may choose to have one or the other visible for users, or both.

How to navigate our Host Surfer demo Powered by z/Scope Anywhere

This is the next screen from the HTML login:

How to navigate our Host Surfer demo Powered by z/Scope Anywhere

Google Maps Widget

Afterward, you would be able to select one of the options from the top side of the screen shown in the previous image. The “Account Information” tab showcases the Google Maps feature as well as the information relevant to it on the Terminal Server, such as City, and ZIP plan, among others.

How to navigate our Host Surfer demo Powered by z/Scope Anywhere

As mentioned previously, you can choose what the users see here, such as the map, the terminal server, or both:

How to navigate our Host Surfer demo Powered by z/Scope Anywhere

Contact us to request a HostSurfer demo or discuss your mainframe modernization needs.


Legacy Modernization

We offer different solutions for terminal emulation and legacy modernization.

Terminal Emulation Clients

  • 3270 client
  • 5250 client
  • SSH & VT client
  • All-in-one software with Windows Client
  • All-in-one Windows Server, with a browser client

Legacy Modernization
Our web terminal emulation solution, z/Scope Anywhere, includes HostSurfer.js

Host Integration
Last, but not least, our host integration pack, called TN BRIDGE, offers developers the opportunity to integrate different applications and processes with the host.

Explore our host access solutions, enjoy our free 30-day trial, or request a custom demo HERE. No commitment!
We will be happy to assist you and show you our TE software portfolio.

Schedule a conversation, write to us, or give us a phone call:

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