Multi-monitor increases hybrid work productivity

Fast and secure remote and hybrid solution

People are gradually going back to their offices. However, flexible work arrangements are now the norm, and remote work remains part of everyone’s life. Employers need to support a variety of work arrangements and computing experiences. 

Today’s key recommendation from IT companies is to provide employees with two or more monitors instead of just one. Using dual monitors boosts productivity, improves focus and efficiency, and reduces distractions.

According to recent studies, using multiple monitors can increase productivity by up to 40%. Enabling users to interact with several applications simultaneously does much more than provide minor improvements in accessibility. Time-saving, efficiency-building features such as dragging and dropping files between windows give people more control over their work experience, and can drastically improve morale, satisfaction, and mood. As a result, the use of dual monitors has become a common practice.  

Multi-monitor for improved remote access 

The Multi-monitor feature must support a seamless transition between home and workplace environments by providing users with a remote access solution that replicates the setup they usually run at the office. Users can access business-critical resources from any location, and they can work with the same display configuration they are already familiar with.

Multi-monitor for support teams

The Multi-monitor feature is critical for IT technicians and support teams who connect remotely to troubleshoot and assist users when a support request is initiated. Often, using remote access software to diagnose and resolve a user’s problem is as effective as troubleshooting in person

“According to recent studies, using Multi-monitor can increase productivity by up to 40%.”

Multi-monitor for power users

Some companies do not have the budget to allocate more than one (or two) monitors for every employee, in every location. Power users can use Multi-monitor to overcome hardware limitations in the office or when working remotely. Clientless remote access solutions allow users to configure, straight from the browser, the number of monitors they work with when remotely accessing resources. Multi-monitor provides a cost-effective alternative to additional hardware, thereby improving the user’s overall experience wherever they work.  

 Multi-monitor for multitasking and improved productivity

Lately, the number of productivity apps used by small-and mid-sized businesses has increased substantially in the past few years. From finance and ERPs to project management, users constantly switch from one application to another during the day. Instead of logging in and out or flipping between opened windows or tabs, Multi-monitor allows users to be more productive and agile by providing a persistent, dual-monitor experience.


Working remotely has a fair amount of challenges, creating a need for balancing work with personal life. Two (or more) screens can help boost productivity and effectiveness by supporting multitasking. Multi-monitor makes multitasking easier.

Remote access solutions that provide multi-monitor support give users the flexibility to configure their optimal monitor configuration and seamlessly switch from one work environment to another with no additional configuration effort. 

Consider Multi-monitor as a deciding factor when comparing clientless remote access solutions.

To learn more about how Thinfinity® Workspace can help you boost productivity and user experience, book a call with one of our specialists. We are always available to guide you and provide the best solution based on your specific needs.

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