Remote Desktop session recording with Thinfinity Remote Desktop

Thinfinity Remote Desktop

Thinfinity Remote Desktop PlayerHave you ever wished you could easily review a remote desktop session? Or perhaps you want to show your remote users how to use —or troubleshoot— an application?

Thinfinity Remote Desktop helps you to do all this things —and more— allowing you to record and save RDP sessions.

Saving remote desktop sessions

The recording of the session is a profile property. Enable it in the ‘Advanced’ tab of an access profile.

Thinfinity Remote Desktop - Checking Recording in Profiles Editor

After checking this option, all connections to this profile will be recorded in the server, transparently to the remote user. These recorded sessions will then be available on the Saved Sessions page.

Accessing recorded sessions

Access to the session you recorded can be granted to users and/or user groups. You can enable users to play saved sessions from the Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server Manager, in the ‘Permissions’ tab. Users can be allowed to play all sessions or only those recorded by themselves.

Thinfinity Remote Desktop - Applying permission for play sessions

A user that has been granted permission to play the recordings will see an extra Saved Sessions icon in the Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server web interface.

Thinfinity Remote Desktop - Saved Sessions Index Icon

When you select this item, you will access the Saved Sessions page.

Playing recorded sessions

In the Saved Sessions page you will see all the recordings that are available according to your permissions. These session recordings can be filtered, deleted and played from the browser.


Press the green ‘play’ icon on the left side of each row to visualize a previously saved session. Recordings that are not closed will show a different recording status and will not be be available for playing.

The image below shows a remote desktop session recording being reproduced. On the top of the screen, you can see the recording player. Use the play/pause button to pause visualization, if you want to see a special detail, and then resume it.


Download the latest version of Thinfinity Remote Desktop. If you need any assistance, contact us.

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Dear all
We are using thin client terminal which are connected with windows 2008 r2 server.We need session recording software for our office

Hi Lalit,
Thanks for your message, you can download a 30 days trial from the following link:
and then follow this tutorial.
If you need any Assistance please send an email to [email protected] and we can schedule a remote session to help you with your configuration.
Kind regards.

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