Simplify administration with Thinfinity’s new web manager

Thinfinity Remote Desktop 6.0 now simplifies administration too

Just like managed users, Admins can now make configuration changes on the fly using their web browser from any internet connected device.

Admins can now make configuration changes on the fly using their web browser from any internet connected device as well, just like the users they need to manage.  From your HTML5 browser, you are taken to the Thinfinity landing page, where you can create any of the following profiles:

  • Remote Desktop
  • Terminal Connection
  • Web Link
  • Web VPN

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Think of the new Web Manager as a single pane of glass that gives you visibility and the ability to configure all Thinfinity  profile settings from a single portal.  Essentially, any profile setting that can be configured on our desktop client can now be configured through the Web Manager.  For instance, you can define the access hours for your users, specifying the exact time windows that users can connect.  Other settings now available include the following:

  • Configure the image quality, color depth and desktop resolution
  • Enable and configure printing, remote sound and clipboard capabilities
  • Set up an app to start in the foreground of a connection or execute it as a remote app
  • Enable multitouch redirection to deliver remote touch capabilities to your users
  • Enable H264 protocol support for video and high graphic consumption applications

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Using the revamped Web Profile Manager, you can even manage granular settings such as the Windows Visual Style appearances regarding common controls, borders, and themes as well as Windows menus and animation. It’s simple: configure any setting, from any location, through a single web portal.

In addition to creating new profiles, you can edit existing profiles as well, even for existing connections.  You can also use the Label feature to create subfolders and organize your Thinfinity landing page to your own preferences to allow better navigation to suit your environment. With the new Web Manager, admins can have absolute control over their enterprise’s Thinfinity environment from wherever they happen to be at the time, using a preferred internet connected device.  

Users have been enjoying the benefits and the simplicity of connecting to remote resources for some time. Thinfinity now also makes environment administration a breeze too. If you wish to see just how easy the management process can be in the new Web Manager, then request a free trial today with no payment obligation and experience how easy it is yourself.

You can find the new web manager feature in Thinfinity Remote Workspace and Thinfinity Remote Desktop.

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