Thinfinity is Designed for a Graphics Intensive Applications

Thinfinity® is Designed for a Graphics Intensive Applications

In this new era of hybrid work, users expect a desktop experience with high-caliber graphic performance capabilities regardless of location. Without a way to service graphics-intensive applications or provide visual clarity to the remote human experience, hybrid work strategies cannot reach their desired and necessary potential.  That’s why Cybele Software’s Engineers set out to fill the expectations gap of remote computing.  The result is our newest version of Thinfinity that ensures remote delivery of GPU heavyweight applications over thousand-mile distances.  

Thinfinity and the H264 Protocol

Thinfinity® has always been known for application publishing and workspace delivery through a modern web browser.

So, how do you deliver HD-like experiences through a remote web browser session?  Without getting too technical, it requires the use of encoders that convert video or large graphic files into a compressed format that are then decompressed by a corresponding decoder on the other end. These encoders and decoders are referred to as codecs. While it is common to find support for BMP, JPG, and PNG coders, Thinfinity® is one of the only application publishing solutions that offers native H.264 capability.  

H.264 is considered the industry standard for video compression. While Thinfinity® utilizes Bitmap codecs by default, H.264 is automatically enabled when needed to deliver high-quality video at very low data rates. The result is a fluid local-like experience for today’s modern-day users, even when utilizing intense GPU applications and processes.

Thinfinity® Delivers the Right Experience

Thinfinity® is ideal for any user that needs an HD-like experience when working remotely. Through its effective employment of the H.264 protocol, digital marketing professionals can work with graphic-intensive applications and file structures to create elaborate presentations, regardless of experience. Engineers and architects can have on-demand access to their cloud-hosted applications using a simple HTML5 web browser while working from any internet-connected device. When it comes to online virtual conferencing, Thinfinity® takes it to the next level, giving salespeople the ability to read the audience in the same manner as if everyone was seated at the same table.


While there was a time when graphic and video performance was reluctantly sacrificed for remote work environments, that is no longer the case thanks to the Thinfinity’s proprietary use of H.264 technology. Find out how Thinfinity® passes the eye test, while also meeting the expected demands of your most stringent users. Seeing is indeed believing, which is why we encourage you to see it for yourself by requesting a free 30-day trial of Thinfinity® yourself. H.264 feature is currently available for Thinfinity Remote Desktop and Thinfinity Remote Workspace.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected], or book a call with our specialists.



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