Thinfinity VirtualUI & Javascript Remote Objects (jsRO)

Convert windows application to web application

Thinfinity VirtualUI takes your Windows Apps to the Web in minutes.

Cybele Software, Inc. announces the release of its latest build of Thinfinity® VirtualUI™.

In this new release, we introduce the new Javascript Remote Objects (jsRO), an amazing technology we devised here at Cybele Software to complement the user interface remoting capabilities provided by VirtualUI with an amazingly easy and powerful integration framework.

jsRO allows you to define server-side objects mirrored on the client-side as native javascript objects. It provides a two-way data binding, remote method calls, and custom remote events.

Additionally, Thinfinity VirtualUI now comes with the new VirtualUI Development Lab, a web environment that lets you see and interact with the jsRO objects created in your application.

We’re developers, and we understand developers’ needs.

Those who adopt Thinfinity VirtualUI will keep their desktop platform while also moving to the Web. However, with VirtualUI, there is no need to maintain multiple source code versions. The additional Thinfinity VirtualUI code will not affect the running of the app in the Windows environment.

It’s the perfect solution!
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Thinfinity VirtualUI Setup

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Please, can we have same sample app using jsRO?

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