License Server Administrator High-Availability

License Server Administrator High-Availability

In order to use the High-Availability feature, you’ll need to install the License Server Administrator on two different servers. It isn’t required both License Servers to be on the same network. If they aren’t, you’ll need to ensure the License Server Administrator port is open (by default it’s 7443).
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One of the servers will act as the Primary License Server and the other as Backup. You configure each role in the “Communications” tab of the License Server Administrator manager.
Primary Server:
The configuration for this is pretty simple. You just need to select the “Server role” to “Primary”:


License Server Administrator - High availability, step 01

Backup Server:
In the “Communication” tab, change “Server role” to “Backup”. The next step would be entering the ‘Primary server URL’ and linking this to Back Up Server address.


License Server Administrator - High availability, step 02

Bear in mind, it isn’t required to have a public address. If everything runs locally, you can just enter the local IP address in the URL.
Finally, you have to configure Thinfinity VirtualUI to load the license from a License Server. In order to do so, you just need to configure both License Server URLs in its manager.
If this is the first time you install VirtualUI on a server, you will be prompt to register the license right after you start the manager. Select ‘Activate a Serial Number online’ and click next.
In the following screen you’ll have to fill the E-mail, Serial and both License Server URLs, Primary and Backup:


License Server Administrator - High availability, step 03

If the VirtualUI server is already licensed, just go to the ‘Licenses’ tab, enable ‘Use Licensing Server’ and fill the Licensing Servers URLs.


License Server Administrator - High availability, step 04

Once you configure this and apply the changes, you might need to restart the services.
Bear in mind also, if you have multiple VirtualUI servers connecting to a license server, you must configure the same “Network ID” on each of them. You will find this option in the ‘General’ tab:


License Server Administrator - High availability, step 05

The “Network ID” doesn’t have to follow any special format, you can put anything in there, for instance, “test”.
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