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TN3270 & TN5250 Secure Terminal Emulator
COMPARE THE DIFFERENT Terminal Emulation software clients

zScope Anywhere Web Terminal Emulator
Since 2002, Cybele Software has enabled companies to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technologies and proven client/server and mainframe systems.
The evolution from the first z/Scope 1.0 for Windows to the newest, web-based z/Scope Anywhere client has been huge.

Find below a table of our old and new terminal emulation editions. Compare the features they offer and pick the best to cover up your host access needs.

Product Main Features Notes
z/Scope Classic – PC Client
– Secure SSL 2.0 & SSL 3.0
– IBM TN3270E & TN3270 /See also our Express 3270
– IBM TN5250E /See also our Express 5250
– UNIX VT100-420 /See also our Express VT
– SSH emulation
– Printer Emulation
– Secure FTP (optional)
– Seat license starts at $69
z/Scope Anywhere – Web Client
– Secure SSL 2.0 & SSL 3.0
IBM TN3270E & TN3270
UNIX VT100-420
– SSH emulation
– Printer Emulation (version 8 and up)
– Secure FTP
– Integration tools (SDK)
– Concurrent license starts at $80
z/Scope Web-to-Host Server / Web client solution, but required a browser plugin. Upgraded to z/Scope Anywhere
z/Scope SDK All Classic features, plus SDK tools Replaced by z/Scope Anywhere
z/Scope Workbench All Classic features, plus programming tools Replaced by z/Scope Anywhere
z/Scope Warp First z/Scope edition. Replaced by z/Scope Classic


Notes for current z/Scope Users

Keep up to Date with the Latest z/Scope Version

We find that many of our old customers are now adopting Windows 10 or Windows 11.
z/Scope v6.6 (desktop) and z/Scope Anywhere v8.5 (web) are fully compatible with Windows 10.
Do you run an older z/Scope version?
Any z/Scope user covered by our Maintenance Service may update their current version at any time.
Aside from our technical support service, surely the best part of renewing your license’s maintenance is being eligible for the latest software updates and version upgrades at no extra cost.
Check out our download page or contact our technical support team to find out about the latest available version or to inquire about your renewal status.
You can also visit our Documentation page to find the available help files.

New to z/Scope? Need any help? Schedule a conversation or give us a phone call:

Phone: (302) 892-9625 or (866) 462-9768 (USA & Canada)
Email: [email protected] (please include full product name and version)

Explore our host access solutions, enjoy our free 30-day trial, or request a custom demo HERE. No commitment!

There are different terminal emulation solutions for you in the z/Scope’s product family:

  • 3270 client
  • 5250 client
  • AS400 client
  • SSH & VT client
  • All-in-one software with Windows Client
  • All-in-one Windows Server, with a browser client

We will be happy to assist you and show you our Terminal Emulation software portfolio. Contact us today!

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