Access your Linux Mint MATE desktop from any web browser

web access Linux desktop mint mate

Did you ever have the need to access your Linux Mint MATE desktop from your Windows Environment? We do! And also our clients, so this Thinfinity Remote Desktop guide is for all our Linux-savvy people who might need this solution.
This tutorial has been done under the latest Linux Mint release, which happens to be the 19.3 Tricia release with MATE desktop. We will also use XorgXRDP from neutrinolabs repositories.
XorgXRDP is a set of drivers (screen device, keyboard, and mouse) for enabling the use through an RDP session with XRDP.

How to access your Linux Mint MATE desktop from any web browser

First of all, we need to have our packages/dependencies up to date. To do this, just run

$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt upgrade

Once we did the update, we can now start installing Xorg from our terminal.

$ sudo apt install xrdp xorgxrdp

It’s possible you might have to install some missing dependencies. In our case, we were missing xorg-video-abi-23 and xserver-xorg-core dependencies.


How to access your Linux Mint MATE desktop from any web browser


We can install them with the following commands:

$ sudo apt install xorg-video-abi-23

$ sudo apt install xserver-xorg-core

Now that we have these missing dependencies installed, we can perform the Xorg XRDP installation again.

$ sudo apt install xrdp xorgxrdp

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will notice that installing this package will trigger the removal of packages *xserver-xorg-hwe-18.04* which might be used or needed by your system. So, you might lose keyboard and mouse input when connecting locally to the machine. To fix this issue, you’ll have to issue the following command.

$ sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-all

We also need to add the xrdp user to the ssl-certs and need to open our 3389 port on our Firewall

$ sudo adduser xrdp ssl-cert

$ sudo ufw allow 3389/tcp

Be aware, by typing the ufw allow 3389/tcp you would allow any connection from the outside from any IP address.To be more granular on this, we can specify our IP address by typing the“sudo ufw allow from to any port 3389 proto tcp” By doing this, I’m only allowing my private IP address to access our Linux VM.

Now that we have finished installing xRDP, we have to publish this Linux Mint desktop in our Thinfinity Remote Desktop.
We just have to go to our profile editor, create the RDP connection and type the Linux IP as shown in the following screenshot.


How to access your Linux Mint MATE desktop from any web browser


Now we are able to access our Linux Mint Desktop, from any HTML5 compatible browser, from any device we like. Beautiful isn’t it?


How to access your Linux Mint MATE desktop from any web browser

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