Publish a .NET application on a web browser with VirtualUI


Learn how to publish a .NET application to the web and run it on a browser with VirtualUI. You may want to check our previous article, where we explained how to run a .Net application with Thinfinity VirtualUI.

Step 1: Open Thinfinity VirtualUI Server Manager, go to the Applications tab and click on Add:

Publish a .NET application with Thinfinity VirtualUI

Step 2: Add the application to the profile using the Open button.

dot net to web

Step 3: Once you lookup for the executable file in the computer and select it, you can modify the Name that shows in the web interface and the Virtual Path that is used to create a direct URL to the application. Also in the Arguments field, you can add any additional parameters your application needs to use.

dotnet app online

Step 4: Click on the Credentials tab and enter the username and password of a Windows user for this computer if it’s needed.

Publishing a .Net apps with VirtualUI

Step 5: Once you entered the login information, click OK, then press Apply and we are done!

Publishing a DotNet application online

To Access your application, type in a web browser the IP Address of your Thinfinity VirtualUI Server and Port (by default, it’s 6580) or the URL assigned to the server and click on your app:

Publish DotNet app to web

After a few seconds, you will access your application. It can be accessed from any HTML5 compatible browser. Other users can access the application from anywhere using different devices, each remotely running its own instance of the application:

Take your .Net application to the web with Thinfinity VirtualUI

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