Cybele Software introduces Thinfinity® Workspace, the Next Evolutionary Step for Remote & Hybrid Work

Thifninity Remote Workspace

Thinfinity® Workspace is a digital platform for enterprises that enables a unified, secure and reliable access to the company resources that people need to work remotely. It makes enterprise web application publishing and desktop delivery simple to deploy and even simpler to use, providing senior management with the flexibility they need to successfully implement their WFH, BYOD, and OYOD models.


Wilmington, Delaware, Jan 24, 2022: Thinfinity® Workspace has been designed to improve the remote work experience, helping organizations to meet their objectives, reduce costs and keep their business moving forward. Its ultimate goal is to provide employees with all the necessary tools to work securely and efficiently wherever they may be.

Thinfinity® Workspace delivers Windows and intranet Web Applications to any device with a web browser, allowing users to get full access to their resources regardless of location. Applications and desktops can be hosted both within a public cloud or an on-premise infrastructure.


Cut the cord of VPN dependency

Until now, admins have relied on traditional VPNs to provide remote access to intranet assets. These are challenging to deploy and costly to maintain and support. Thinfinity Remote Workspace features a novel WebVPN capability that avoids the complexities of managing a VPN client framework. It extends the reach of intranet resources far beyond the network perimeter, providing remote users with an on-prem experience within minutes.


Enabling remote and hybrid work for all organizations

Deploying Thinfinity® Workspace is so simple that any organization can implement it in a quick fashion, even SMBs with limited IT resources.  Thinfinity® Workspace enables organizations to provide customers with a private cloud experience at the lowest TCO in the market.


Enterprises are being challenged to find a secure and convenient solution for remote work. These anywhere workers need to access their company resources with equal efficiency as if they were at the office. Traditional VPNs are a real barrier to this need.” —says Gustavo Ricardi, Founder and CEO of Cybele Software—Thinfinity® Workspace offers the ultimate solution for remote access and intranet web application publishing, reducing the stretch on IT resources and operational costs, while accelerating deployment times


Thinfinity® Workspace is free to try

To introduce enterprise organizations to this powerful new solution, the Company is offering a 15-day free trial, with no obligation to buy.  You can evaluate Thinfinity® Workspace yourself with the free download or request a free consultation meeting with a specialist for more information.


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