What is Privileged Access Management (PAM)?


Privileged Access Management Definition

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a security approach that combines strategy and technology to manage who can access the most sensitive parts of your organization, like data and systems. It’s about making sure that users and groups have the appropriate level of access during the appropriate time frame, preventing unauthorized entry and reducing the risk of security problems. This way, PAM keeps your critical information under lock and key, while still being user-friendly.


How Privileged Access Management Works

Privileged Access Management (PAM) utilizes a suite of security protocols and tools focused on overseeing and controlling access to privileged accounts. This approach ensures that only authorized users can engage with critical systems and data. A key aspect of PAM’s functionality includes managing and monitoring the activities associated with these accounts. In this context, we will highlight the Resource Reservation module in the Thinfinity workspace. This module plays a pivotal role in the PAM ecosystem by facilitating temporary and audited access to mission-critical resources or privileged sessions, among other features. This integrated approach underscores Thinfinity’s commitment to enhancing the security and efficiency of privileged access management.


Defining Privileged Accounts

Privileged accounts are those with administrative or specialized access rights, granting them the ability to make significant changes in the IT environment. These include system administrators, database administrators, and accounts used for managing network devices.


Risk Mitigation

Given their extensive access, privileged accounts pose a significant security risk if compromised. PAM helps mitigate this risk by securely managing these accounts.


Core Functions of PAM

  • Credential Security
    Safeguarding the credentials of privileged accounts.
  • Session Management
    Monitoring and managing privileged sessions to prevent unauthorized activities.
  • Least Privilege Enforcement
    Granting users the minimum level of access necessary to perform their tasks, thereby minimizing potential abuse.
  • Audit Trails
    Keeping detailed records of privileged account activities for compliance and forensic purposes.

Thinfinity’s Resource Reservation Module

Thinfinity’s PAM solution integrates a unique feature known as the Resource Reservation module. This module enhances the capabilities of PAM in various ways:

Scheduled Resource Access

It allows IT administrators to schedule resource access for end-users. This is particularly beneficial for scenarios like corporate training, virtual classrooms, and remote learning​​.

Management of Critical and Cloud Resources

Thinfinity’s Resource Reservation module excels in managing key resources, including those in cloud environments and for critical operations. Users can request temporary access, specifying the required time slots, frequency, and specific resources needed. This functionality streamlines the management and efficient use of essential IT and cloud resources, catering to a variety of organizational needs.

User-Friendly Interface

Thinfinity’s module offers an intuitive UI, allowing both faculty and students in educational settings, or employees in a corporate environment, to easily schedule the required resources. It includes features like booking devices or software based on date, time, and recurrence, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of resource utilization​​.

The Significance of PAM in Today’s IT Landscape

In the current digital era, where cybersecurity threats are increasingly sophisticated, the role of PAM becomes more crucial. PAM not only safeguards against external threats but also addresses the risks posed by insider threats, whether malicious or accidental. Its importance is amplified in environments with a high dependency on IT resources, including cloud-based and hybrid infrastructures.


Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a must-have for any organization looking to keep its digital assets safe from unauthorized eyes and potential threats.

For our current Thinfinity users, there’s great news – activating the Resource Reservation feature is a breeze, and it won’t change a thing about your pricing or licensing. Ready to jump in? Head over to our knowledge base right here to get started. And if you’re curious to see this feature in action or just want a little more guidance, we’d love to take you on a test drive. Reach out to us for a demo here, and let’s explore together how this feature can make your PAM strategy even stronger.

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