The clientless remote access solution you need: Thinfinity Remote Desktop

Access Amazon Web Services with Thinfinity Remote Workspace Remote Desktop
The new Thinfinity Remote Desktop 6.0 is better than ever
With the new web manager, you can control every detail of the remote connection on the fly, directly from a browser’s page, without the need of restarting any application.

Software applications are the engines that drive business processes today.  That’s why it’s mission-critical to get your applications into the hands of those across your organization who need them, regardless of time and location.  

Thinfinity Remote Desktop is predicated on the idea of publishing an application or created workspace through a simple web browser, giving users the same tailor-made experience that is simple, dependable, and affordable.

Thinfinity Remote Desktop 6.0 takes the ambition of browser remote access and Windows to web application publishing to the next level at a time when companies are scrambling to modify their application delivery methodologies to accommodate new hybrid work models.  

With our Thinfinity solution for web RDP,  users always have a local-like experience from any internet-connected device, regardless of their location.

The new version takes the success of its previous release and expands its capabilities through the introduction of new value-added features that include the following:

  • Native Authentication (REST API) that allows you to publish an application utilizing your existing user database or system user to authenticate application access without duplicating efforts.
  • Direct File Transfer that provides one-step direct download or uploads to a remote machine or application in a quick fashion.
  • The Web VPN Reverse Technology allows users to access intranet URLs and internal web applications from outside the perimeter without the aid of a VPN.
  • H264 Protocol Support that lets you stream GPU-intensive applications to remote landscapes while preserving a local-like desktop experience for the end-user.
  • New Web Manager that allows desktop configuration changes on the fly without having to reboot a machine in the process.
  • Multi-Cloud Support is designed to accommodate the hybrid architectures of today that incorporate multiple clouds such as Azure and AWS.
  • Utilizes Rest API Profiles to simplify the process of creating, removing, and modifying users, assigned permissions, and access policies.
  • Bi-directional Audio Support to maximize voice calling applications by utilizing the local audio inputs of remote machines.


There’s nothing mundane about the new 6.0 version.  The new release of Thinfinity Remote Desktop is a big leap in application delivery innovation, and it comes at a time when organizations need it more than ever.  

If you want to experience firsthand how Thinfinity’s innovative technology can benefit your organization, we invite you to request a private demonstration, or to take a free 15-day trial now!

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