How to check Remote Desktop connection logs with Thinfinity Analytics

Thinfinity Remote Desktop

You can use Thinfinity Remote Desktop server’s Analytics to check the connectivity log of your RDP server sessions
There are many reasons why IT managers may want to review the access event log and audit remote desktop logins. This guide for Thinfinity Remote Desktop users will show you how to configure the Server Analytics so you can monitor the user sessions to your Thinfinity RDP gateway.

In order to configure Analytics for Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server you will need:

  • SQL Server 2012 or newer.
  • The “sa” user must be enabled.
  • A new SQL database for Thinfinity.
  • Access Profiles must be enabled.

1) In the “Permissions” tab, click on the “Add” button, and select the user you want to have access to Analytics. After you select the user, check the “User access to Analytics” checkbox, and click on “Configure Analytics”.

Check remote desktop connection client logs

2) Click on “Data Link Properties”:

Check RDP connection log

3) Select “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server” (or whatever default provider you have) and press “Next”.

Check remote desktop sessions logs

4) Select the Server name where SQL Server is installed, then select “Use a specific username and password”. Enter the credentials for the “sa” user and select the database you created for Thinfinity.

Check remote desktop connection client logs

5) Navigate to the “All” tab:

Check remote desktop logging data

6) Click on “Edit Value”, and change the “Persist Security Info” value from “False” to “True” ( as shown below )

Check remote desktop connection client logs

7) Go back to the “Advanced” tab, click on “Test Connection”. This window should pop up:

Check remote desktop connection client logs

8) Click on “OK”, and “Apply”.

9) To verify that everything has been properly configured, navigate to the Thinfinity Remote Desktop landing page, and sign in using the designated user. You should see the “Analytics” icon listed, as shown below:

Check remote desktop connection analytics

Clicking on it will give you access to the Analytics menu, where you can find all the information regarding logins, active or past sessions and connections, and the different browsers used by your users.

Check remote desktop connection stats

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