Preview: HTML5 Remote Desktop Integration, revisited

Thinfinity Remote Desktop Integration, revisitedWould you like to integrate a remote desktop tool within a Web application and access it from any device?
Today, we want to share with you a quick insight about our new powered and extended SDK. This SDK was created to accomplish a better integration between our Remote Desktop Connection Manager and external applications.

With this extended and improved SDK we seek a stronger remote desktop integration with those web solutions that require embedded RDP access from any place and device. Some typical examples of this kind of remote desktop integration are: support, education and training.
The main additions of this SDK extension are aimed at achieving greater flexibility and more customization possibilities. The most important improvement, however, is a new internal structure and a new cross-window messaging system that contemplates cross-domain and cross-platform scenarios.

Better remote desktop integration with cross-window messaging

The new Thinfinity Remote Desktop SDK will include a cross-window messaging system. Standard HTML5 postMessage-based, this feature will provide you with fine-tuned control of the Remote Desktop states, events and actions. With this new version of our integration API, you will be able to control the connection status more precisely.

Enhanced Customization

Our integration users requested for a way to customize the Remote Desktop Toolbar and popups. We collected their suggestions and added more options to increase the versatility of these complementary HTML elements. Also, you will be able to add new toolbar options, especially new keyboard shortcuts.

Moreover, the new SDK structure enables the creation and independent management of multiple and simultaneous remote desktop connections, including pure file transfer sessions and one-time url connections.
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Everyone’s really pushing the limits of HTML5!

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