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Thinfinity® Workspace Online is a cloud-based service that grants you access to remote desktops, virtualized applications as well as intranet web applications through one unified portal.

Gain mobility! With Thinfinity® Workspace Online, you can give any user access to your enterprise resources and applications in a secure way. With an intuitive user-friendly interface, you can easily create, manage and leverage your business network assets in a matter of minutes. No need to open ports or firewall rules, since all the connections are tunneled over SSL/TLS protocols.

IT easy: The perfect solution for SMBs moving to a hybrid cloud

Thinfinity® Workspace Online is the perfect solution for small businesses and managed service providers looking to move to a hybrid cloud architecture. Implementing Thinfinity Remote Workspace Online doesn’t require the services of an advanced IT specialist—anyone can set it up in minutes, which makes it the perfect solution for small businesses that want to adapt to a hybrid cloud architecture in a way that is practical, secure, and affordable. For Managed Service Providers, Thinfinity Remote Workspace Online is a perfect way to give your customers the flexibility they need to give remote access to internal resources with minimal effort on your part.

Thinfinity® Workspace Online fills a growing need for SMBs looking to attain greater agility in a digitally transformed world. As more and more people work remotely, hybrid work is the “new normal” and Thinfinity Remote Workspace Online is the all-in-one solution you need to transform and provide users with all the tools they need to access your desktops and applications from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Simplifying enterprise hybrid cloud deployments

We have built Thinfinity® Workspace Online with ease of use in mind, providing the user with a self-service portal that includes an integrated set of features, to fully customize and secure their connections.

With Thinfinity® Workspace Online you can:

Windows apps icon

Access your Windows apps from any device using a standard browser.

Modernize legacy apps icon

Publish intranet web applications without the need for complex VPN configurations.

File transfer icon

Securely share files with customers or employees.

Mobile access icon

Access remote desktops from mobile devices.

Custome experience icon

Create your own customized portals for each of your customers.

Access manager icon

Easily manage access for your users.

Thinfinity Remote Workspace Online will continue to grow and prosper as a cutting-edge solution for virtualization. Its unlimited scalability coupled with ease of use makes it an ideal solution for managing a VDI Platform. Thinfinity is pioneering the way to the future of cloud computing and will be leading the way in thought leadership in this space.

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Documentation for the registration and installation process can be found on the following link:

Move forward adopting secure enterprise mobility solutions! Please leave any questions or remarks in the comments section below or contact us. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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